Candy Floss freshly spun just like its come straight from the fairground at celebration station we can spin candy floss in diffrent colours and diffrent flavours the most popular being pink vanilla and blue rasberry tatsting just like traditional fairground floss.

Spun on site all candy floss is freshly made for your event, Avalible to hire to hold you candy floss we have a choice of candy carts in wich it can be draped down and over them. We also have a specifically made candy floss stand featuring a pink umbrella and chains of candy floss hanging underneath able to hold around 60 bags of floss and 30 bags of popcorn its sure to get everybodys attention at your event.

All candy floss is transported,set up and stands recollected by member of our professional team. We never re collect candy floss or sweets so we advise you take it with you we only recollect stands or carts after an event.