Character Cut-outs

Bring some of your favourite Celebrity, Movie and Cartoon Characters to any of your special events with our life sized Cut-outs, with a large selection of cut-outs in stock ready and waiting to be hired for any event its as simple as finding who you want to add to the guest list.

  All of our cut-outs are available to hire or purchase. Hired cut-outs are delivered to your event, set-up and collected by member of our professional team, They can also be hired with or without our selection of candy carts, sweet bowls and carriages. When purchasing cut-outs there is two options option1- brand new cut-outs come checked, folded and bagged ready for you to take home option 2- is are pre-loved cut-outs with a large selection of cut-outs to hire every so often used cut-outs come up for sale at a discounted price these can also be ordered and you will be notified when available.

So come pay us a visit and see if we have your favourite.