Star Wars Sweetie Buffet

These sweet bowl holders are great for any star wars themed events, Sweet bowls come complete with sweets which you can choose from our in house sweet bar or favourites can be ordered in if booked with enough notice. When hired bowls come with everything you need including bags and tongs for your sweets and a matching tablecloth which is set up when the bowls are delivered, an added extra if wanted with them also is a range of life sized cardboard cut-outs featuring some of your favourite star wars characters some cardboard cut-outs are larger than other depending on the size of the character.

Star wars we currently have in stock Darth Vader,Stormtrooper,Yoda and Boba Fett with other characters such as Darth Maul due in soon, With each bowl having a matching cut-out there are also some characters in the cut-outs that don't appear in the bowls such as R2D2, BB8, Chewbacca and others, also is a range of photo cut-outs allowing kids and grown up able to place their faces inside and take a memorable photo of the occasion.